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Commenced in the year 1988, when globalisation and MNCs hit Indian market  with a rapid pace and the role of advertising was unavoidable for companies to sustain in the cut-throat market, an idea to bring a complete advertisement one-stop solution was a wise concept, and here, PROMSERVE came into existence brought by Mr. Ajit Gandhi.



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Strategic Brand Consulting

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Brand Essence

Brand Essence

Brand essence is the core characteristic which defines a brand. It is an intangible attribute that separates your brand from your competition’s brand by your audience. A brand essence is meant to be authentic.

Today’s companies must differentiate themselves if they want to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. However, it’s no longer enough to have the best prices, or even the most effective products to help you stand out.

Today’s market leaders need to create the right feeling in their audience through emotional, personality-focused campaigns.

A brand is a highly nebulous concept that can be difficult for any business leader to cultivate – that’s why so many people come to strategic branding companies like us for help.

Brand essence
Brand Sphere

Brand Strategy

We live in a world that is driven by perception and brands represent customers’ opinion of a company’s credibility, products, reputation and customer experience. A brand strategy is essential because it provides clarity about the competitive landscape, market position and customer expectations. This information is critical to develop effective marketing strategies and to fine-tune marketing messages to maximize your competitiveness and build strong brands. Branding significantly enhances the brand’s market performance and profitability by improving name recognition, building credibility and trust, increasing advertising effectiveness and inspiring employees.

Your brand strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey. And while it includes your logo, color palette and slogan, those are only creative elements that convey your brand. Instead, your brand lives in every day-to-day interaction you have with your market:

  • The images you convey
  • The messages you deliver on your website, proposals and campaigns
  • The way your employees interact with customers
  • A customer’s opinion of you versus your competition

Aligning all parts of your brand makes strong business sense. Adhering all activity to one compelling central idea is what makes great strategy. And, when the external experience of a company aligns with its internal culture, that’s when a brand resonates authentically.

People want to engage with – and work for – brands that have a clear point of view and create value for society. Brands with purpose and an ideal vision have gone mainstream because they have been proven to accelerate growth, combining business objectives with social impact – it’s what customers and employees want.

We specialise in helping organisations establish their brand purpose and embed it at the heart of their brand strategy.

Brand Strategy


  • Scrutinize, analyze and evaluate the brand identity, brand performance and brand strategy of products or services
  • Offer expert insight on how you can revitalize the brand
  • Influence all phases of marketing, from design and distribution decisions to advertise and public relation messaging
  • Decide where to distribute a product, what medium is best for advertising and how to shape product messages for different demographics
  • Creating a buzz around the brand via different media platforms